Wednesday, 23 January 2013

50. Kentish Town

Kentish Town
Kentish Town - 22nd January 2013 A thousand apologies for not posting all of last year! It didn't mean I abandoned the project just that I didn't record things properly. So I am back to being serious about this. I visit Kentish Town at least once a week but I'm normally getting on and not off the Tube - last night I was getting off so that I could visit The Pineapple ... a pub not far from the Tube station, the Sci-Fi Book Club meet there every month to have a meal and discuss the book of the month.

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  1. no apologies needed- I forgot about your Tube blog until this morning. So- does the Pineapple serve tropical drinks with umbrellas? Might be nice on such a cold drizzly evening.


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