Sunday, 9 October 2011

49. Tottenham Hale

Tottenham Hale is on the Victoria (Blue) Line. It is near to where the London Olympic Village is being built.

I was visiting Tottenham Hale today because a friend and I were going to walk a stretch of the Lea Valley River Walk, (about 7 miles) We started the walk at the beginning of 'section 3', which took us down through some marsh land, where we saw some cattle. After deciding they weren't British Longhorn (as the notice beside them said they were) or a cross between pandas and cows I think they must be Belted Galloways. I remembered the National Trust love putting this breed onto their land as they are allegedly very docile.

Further on we came to the Olympic village, and new stadium. I didn't photograph these sights (or sites) as there were large groups of guided tours along this stretch and because it is all still under construction.

The next point of interest was the old Bryant and May's Matchstick factory - it's no longer a factory but fancy residential apartments. All of this area appeared to be derelict buildings and disused factories, but I liked the graffiti.

By the last stretch we were into the Docklands and we walked through some film studios and past what looked like a graveyard of old tanks.

Finally we hit the Limehouse Docks and stopped at the Grapes for a drink and dinner.

48. Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus is in the centre of London, on the junction of the Central (Red Line), Bakerloo (Brown Line) and Victoria (Blue Line).

Oxford Circus exits onto the "world famous" Oxford Street, home of numberous department stores and designer label boutiques. It is always jam packed with tourists and a nightmare to walk around. I was there today because I wanted to buy a dress for a special occasion.