Sunday, 24 July 2011

41. Camden Town

Camden Town is on the Northern (Black) Line. Its the point that Bank and Charing Cross branches meet and then divide again one branch going to Edgeware the other to High Barnet.

I went to Camden Town to meet a friend, wonder around the market and then go for a walk along past Camden Lock and down the canal.

The market was a little trendy and bustling, the people visiting it were as diverse as the products for sale. I didn't take any photographs but it would have been intrusive but I know I will return to the area because the facades on the shop fronts were well worth photographing (watch this space)

The walk along the canal was relaxing, busy with walkers, cyclists, joggers and tourists on the barges travelling up and down; not a bit what you would expect in central London!


  1. It looks really nice there Jane - I should visit the capital and have a look at all these interesting places - I tend on to come for the shops :( So glad I can experience it all through your blog :)

  2. That looks SO un-London there. Lovely =)


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