Sunday, 3 July 2011

40. Great Portland Street

Great Portland Street is on the Hammersmith (Pink), Circle (Yellow) and Metropolitan (Maroon) Lines.

I wandered down today to take a look at some of the buildings down there. The trouble with my camera is that it takes terrible photos when it is too bright (not something we complain about too often in London) and the buildings all came out bleached looking.

Its a very wealthy part of London, the buildings all rather grand. Down the centre of the road are majestic statues - I discovered today that if a statue of horse and rider has two feet in the air the rider died in battle; one foot he died of his injuries and all four feet on the ground means he died of natural causes.

A couple of the BBC buildings are located here (see the bleached effect!)

Then I walked all the way down Oxford Street to Trafalgar Square to take a couple of pictures of the Living Art piece on display.

All the plants there are real!

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  1. And balancing on one leg means it's a circus horse? :D The living art looks amazing, thanks for sharing xxx


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