Sunday, 26 June 2011

39. Wood Green

Wood Green is on the Piccadilly (Purple) Line. Just down the road from a couple of my least favourite stations Turnpike Lane and Finsbury Park - the area surrounding the Wood Green station is quite similar!

I was travelling through Wood Green today so that I could visit Alexandra Park and Palace. It was a scorching hot day and I thought I would jump on a bus to the top of the steep hill ... it broke down at the bottom of the steep hill.

The long climb up was well worth the views, but if I had been under the illusion that there might be a breeze at the top I was sadly mistaken. I visited the Rose Garden, but it was a little disappointing; I suppose I have left it too late for the best blooms and todays heat had wilted most of the remaining flowers.

The paddling "Lake" (?) was full of people enjoying themselves,

and the kiddies were very excited about throwing bread to the ducklings and goslings.

I got home about seven o'clock but there was still no let up from the heat!

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  1. We go to the model railway show at Alexandra Palace every year in March/April, it's always wonderful with daffs and blossom. Other than that, I don't know what grows there, I don't think I ever visit it at other times! NB It has a very good kids playground though.


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