Friday, 24 June 2011

38. Waterloo

Waterloo station is on the Northern (Black), Bakerloo (Brown) and Jubilee (Silver) Lines. It is an interchange with the Mainline station which serves a huge portion of the South East commuter belt. The Waterloo - City (known as the Drain) Line shuttles thousands of city commuters each day between here and the Bank. I remember all too clearly standing in the queues just to get onto that platform (Heaven help the ditherer during rush hour!) Waterloo used to be where the EuroStar departed from - I wonder who decided that the link to Europe should leave from the station named after Britains greatest victory over the French?

My reason for a trip to Waterloo today was far less stressful; I was taking some Australian visitors down to the London Eye.

This huge Ferris wheel stands on the Thames Embankment (south side of the river) and takes about half an hour to do a full circle - half an hour of spectacular views over London (on a clear day) and today was just that. I didn't go up but the visitors that did enjoyed it immensely - those that didn't took a stroll a long the Embankment, admiring the views ...

... watching the street performers and traffic on the Thames.

It was a perfect afternoon and after collecting the friends from the Eye we wandered over the bridge up to Covent Garden for a nice lunch and browse through the markets.

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