Sunday, 19 June 2011

37. Kensington Olympia

Kensington Olympia is on a small branch off the District (Green) Line.

I was visiting Kensington tonight with a group of colleagues - one of whom had organised a private tour of Blythe House. Blythe House is where all the exhibits from the V & A, the Science and the History museums go to gather dust when they are no longer on exhibit. Actually that is a bit unkind - there are millions of items there - all being stored for future generations.

I could have happily spent the two hours just pottering around the tapestry room but the boys were keen to look at model aircraft, computers and body parts ...

After the tour, which was really interesting, we all adjourned to a gastro pub nearby - good meal and pleasant company ... what more could you ask for?

Photos to follow when I work out how to upload/download from my mobile phone!

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