Wednesday, 15 June 2011

36. White City

White City is on the Central (Red) Line.

As you exit White City tube station almost directly ahead is the headquarters of the BBC - on the evening I was here the BBC audience queues were massive but that wasn't my reason for being here ... I was Orienteering on the common - the Scrubs as they are known.

And bordering those same Scrubs is the infamous HMP Wormwood (hence the name Wormwood Scrubs)

As we set off on the run the guy at the start warned "Beware nettles, thistles, low flying aircraft and escaped prisoners ..." I saw plenty of the first three.

A very sad thing has happened though - I lost my camera this evening so will need to go back to photograph everything!

PS My camera was found the next day in the car of the person who gave me a lift home!

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  1. Commiserations on the loss of your camera. That's not just sad, that's disastrous. I know the scrubs. I've never met any escaped prisoners either - but that's another story I may tell some time.


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