Sunday, 12 June 2011

35. Manor House

Manor House is on the Piccadilly (Purple) Line. On leaving the station you come out at the edge of the infamous Finsbury Park. Finsbury Park mosque was made notorious a few years ago because a number of radical muslims preached there.

I was visiting this station because I was attending an Orienteering event at Finsbury Park. We were meeting in the Finsbury Pub to register and after the event (which was good fun and a pleasant evenings exercise) we all piled back into the pub. Unfortunately it was Open Mic Nite - big mistake! I had thought the security on the door was to keep undesirables out - too late I realised it was to keep us in ...

Apart from the 100 or so people racing around with compasses and maps, and the hardy joggers, the park seemed to be frequented by drug dealers or people looking for drug dealers. Not sure I will be going back to the area!

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