Sunday, 5 June 2011

34. Hampstead

Hampstead is on the Edgeware branch of the Northern (Black) Line. It is the last underground station on the line to be underground - between Hampstead and Golders Green it bursts into open ground.

Hampstead is another of those no escalator stations, and as you know I am not permitted (in the rules) to exit using the lift so up I went ...

I have been running on Hampstead Heath quite a few times lately, it was a shame that today was so overcast because this point, where we always start and finish our runs, has quite a spectacular view on a bright clear day.

Today I was completing (yet) another permanent Orienteering course - all good practise for the on-going Country Park series.


  1. I'm surprised you had the energy to Orienteer after all those steps :)

  2. If you're looking for underground stations with no escalators, Jane, try Paris. Some of the stations there are so deep, you get the bends when you reach the surface.


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