Sunday, 29 May 2011

32. Wapping

OK this is a bonus ... Wapping used to be on the Underground but is now part of the Overground, although strictly speaking it is underground, and because its a bonus and not part of the Underground any longer I didn't exit here I entered. I had to take a photo of the mural on the platform

And then Mike said that if I looked carefully I would be able to see the Victorian brickwork in the headlights of the approaching train - can you see it?

I was in that neck of the woods because my friend Mike - the one who is a slightly (?) eccentric tour guide - is giving a series of walks and talks on the London Docklands ... this was the first walk in the series and we toured St. Katherines and Wapping.

Learned all sorts of bizarre facts about the area - the East-End was the area that suffered the most during the bombing in the Second World War, Mike took us to all the memorials just off Tower Hill

Here's the world famous Tower Bridge, and if you look carefully you will see a cargo vessel going under it

Don't you love the purple flowers growing on the basin walls?

This is an old church school - the model of the boy in naval uniform is indicative of the profession that most the students went on into

This building was once a warehouse, now converted to plush flats - look at the balconies, they were once all loading bays and you can see the crane is now a great feature of the building

We ended at Execution Pier - where they used to hang the miscreants found guilty in the Admiralty Courts, apparently they were hung from short ropes (much less humane than the long drop), then left for three tides to wash over their bodies, before being cut down, tarred and stuck on a bridge as a warning to other would-be mutineers and pirates. Minds buzzing we adjourned to the Captain Kidd for a well deserved pint or two or three ... and lunch!

There are another four walks in this series plus a number in the winter months ... keep you posted!

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  1. That was really interesting Jane - look forward to hearing about the others.


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