Saturday, 7 May 2011

28. Kew Gardens

Today I went out to Kew Gardens. Kew is an overground station, the second to last stop on the District (Green) Line.

Now an odd thing happened on the journey out there - the stop after Kew Gardens is Richmond, that's the stop for Twickenham and today was the big Army vs Navy Rugby match. A mob of tipsy ex-soldiers got on board the carriage I was in, the drunkest sat next to me, naturally. Of course he wanted to start a meaningful conversation (don't they all?) I always try not to be rude to drunks, it's easy for it to get unpleasant - so I politely smiled and answered his stupid questions ... his friends kept apologising for him, then suddenly the drunk one jumped up,climbed through the window of our carriage and into the carriage behind ours, whilst the train was moving! I wanted to shout "Viewers don't try this at home."

OK with that excitement over I got off the train and went to the gardens - it was an overcast day so there weren't huge crowds, but it was warm and muggy,

I mooched around for a several hours, visited all the spots on the map - but to be honest I was disappointed,

I have seen real rainforests, seen woodlands covered in bluebells, seen all the hot house plants growing wild, now I sound pompous but really Kew just didn't do it for me.

I was more interested in the goose sitting on her nest - she was tearing her feathers out to line it, unperturbed by all us city-folk gawping at her!


  1. Was it something you said? :D

  2. For someone so drunk he could move pretty darn quckly! He was swinging throught he windows before anyone could drag him back - although luckily his friends did manage to reach him and push him through before he fell out onto the tracks - what a typical squaddie ...


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