Monday, 25 April 2011

26. Regent Park

Regent Park is on the Bakerloo (Brown) Line. Regents Park tube station is one of those with no escualtors - so I had to climb this lot.

On the path leading to Regents park I spotted this lamb post - you can just see that the insignia of George V - there were Victorian lamp posts too but I thought that it looked a little odd me taking lots of photos of lamp posts.

Regent Park has some beautiful gardens and the smell there today was very pleasant.

As I walked along the by the water I only spotted one swan, doesn't it look quite regal?

There were lots of ducks and geese but it was very bright today ane the reflection from the water ruined a lot of my photographs

Regents Park is nearest stop to London Zoo - but I am afraid I am not a fan of zoos so I didn't go that far.


  1. It looks as though you were in the depths of the country rather than a city centre, with not a soul around - idyllic :)

  2. Its been a lovely long weekend - the park was quite full, but not as busy as I thought it would be.


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