Sunday, 10 April 2011

24. Hyde Park Corner

Hyde Park Corner is on the Piccadilly Line (Purple Line) and in Central London. The exits and entrances are decorated with quite interesting murals, most depicting scenes from the Battle of Waterloo. This was the one I liked the best.

As it was another glorious spring day I thought I would make another trip into the Central London - this time to check out Hyde Park,

in particular Speakers Corner. Now I have always held the illusion (call that delusion now) that Speakers Corner epitomised Free Speech and Democracy. Somebody can climb up on their Soap-Box (in these cases step-ladders) and shout about anything (mindful that they must not incite racial, religious, sexist or whatever else hatred.)

I was therefore really disappointed that the "Speakers" today (it being Sunday) were all religious nutters ...

... all except for this strange individual, who stood on his ladder and started proclaiming that "American" English was on a higher plain then "English" English.

Maybe he just likes getting jeered at.


  1. There's a station on the Paris metro with the most wonderful murals (it MIGHT be Bastille, but I can't swear to that).

  2. But I'm not bagging the Metro (yet)


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