Saturday, 9 April 2011

23. Green Park

Green Park is on the junction of Victoria Line (Blue Line, Piccadilly Line (Purple Line) and Jubilee Line (Silver Line). It is in Central London and exits onto Green Park (I know, what a surprise!)

Today was a beautiful spring day, I reached Green Park just after lunch-time. I had forgotten what London is like on a sunny day ... every body rushes out to sit on the grass, and eat picnics.

I ate my first ice-cream of the year - queueing up with a bunch of Cub Scouts. I didn't take any photos for fear of being labelled a pervert.

The main purpose of my visit to the park today was to visit Buckingham Palace. I figured it was going to be pretty busy down here in a couple of weeks time. I wonder why?

I was a little surprised (and disappointed) that building was so grubby. With the eyes of the world turning to it for the great social event of the year I would have thought a good scrub might have been in order.

One of my aunts married a man in the Coldstream Guards, apparently they are permitted to lean like this, it helps the circulation during the hours they have to stand like this:

Two Guardsman on duty at the front aren't really going to repel would-be terrorist nowadays but these three, lurking around the side, looked ready for action:

And lastly I took a photograph of the Royal Coat-of-Arms - there you can see close up how grubby the stone work is!


  1. A few Karcher pressure washers and the place would look like new! I've told you before, London's a grubby place.

  2. Too late I fear for next weeks event.


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