Monday, 25 April 2011

26. Regent Park

Regent Park is on the Bakerloo (Brown) Line. Regents Park tube station is one of those with no escualtors - so I had to climb this lot.

On the path leading to Regents park I spotted this lamb post - you can just see that the insignia of George V - there were Victorian lamp posts too but I thought that it looked a little odd me taking lots of photos of lamp posts.

Regent Park has some beautiful gardens and the smell there today was very pleasant.

As I walked along the by the water I only spotted one swan, doesn't it look quite regal?

There were lots of ducks and geese but it was very bright today ane the reflection from the water ruined a lot of my photographs

Regents Park is nearest stop to London Zoo - but I am afraid I am not a fan of zoos so I didn't go that far.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

25. Tower Hill

Tower Hill is on the District (Green Line) and Circle (Yellow Line) Line. As you exit the station this is the sight that greets you - the infamous Tower of London. On any other day this would have been reason enough to visit; a walk through the grounds were so many famous people have been incarcerated, tortured (oh yes they still have the rooms - and as far as I can remember a rack or two!)and then executed.

But that was not a good enough reason for todays visit - today I visited Tower Hill to stand and watch the London Marathon. For my vantage point I got to see all the runners at the 12.5 mile mark heading out on the Docklands loop, and then see them whizzing past on the opposite side of the road at the 22 mile mark.

I went in early in order to have a good spot, see how close I am to those runners? I really wanted to watch Jo Pavey run her first marathon ... here she is at the grand old age of 37 heading out - she finished in 2 hours 38 minutes!

The fastest female athlete came hurtling past us, almost a minute clear of the second runner on her way to the finish line; I watched the elite male runners, Mutai was just about to make his break and gallop off to a new course record. The top club runners racing through - and a man running on blades. He was amazing! I have to admit I left before the big crowds came through, London is bad enough in the rush hour - Sunday crowds, with buggies and dogs are a much worse!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

24. Hyde Park Corner

Hyde Park Corner is on the Piccadilly Line (Purple Line) and in Central London. The exits and entrances are decorated with quite interesting murals, most depicting scenes from the Battle of Waterloo. This was the one I liked the best.

As it was another glorious spring day I thought I would make another trip into the Central London - this time to check out Hyde Park,

in particular Speakers Corner. Now I have always held the illusion (call that delusion now) that Speakers Corner epitomised Free Speech and Democracy. Somebody can climb up on their Soap-Box (in these cases step-ladders) and shout about anything (mindful that they must not incite racial, religious, sexist or whatever else hatred.)

I was therefore really disappointed that the "Speakers" today (it being Sunday) were all religious nutters ...

... all except for this strange individual, who stood on his ladder and started proclaiming that "American" English was on a higher plain then "English" English.

Maybe he just likes getting jeered at.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

23. Green Park

Green Park is on the junction of Victoria Line (Blue Line, Piccadilly Line (Purple Line) and Jubilee Line (Silver Line). It is in Central London and exits onto Green Park (I know, what a surprise!)

Today was a beautiful spring day, I reached Green Park just after lunch-time. I had forgotten what London is like on a sunny day ... every body rushes out to sit on the grass, and eat picnics.

I ate my first ice-cream of the year - queueing up with a bunch of Cub Scouts. I didn't take any photos for fear of being labelled a pervert.

The main purpose of my visit to the park today was to visit Buckingham Palace. I figured it was going to be pretty busy down here in a couple of weeks time. I wonder why?

I was a little surprised (and disappointed) that building was so grubby. With the eyes of the world turning to it for the great social event of the year I would have thought a good scrub might have been in order.

One of my aunts married a man in the Coldstream Guards, apparently they are permitted to lean like this, it helps the circulation during the hours they have to stand like this:

Two Guardsman on duty at the front aren't really going to repel would-be terrorist nowadays but these three, lurking around the side, looked ready for action:

And lastly I took a photograph of the Royal Coat-of-Arms - there you can see close up how grubby the stone work is!