Saturday, 5 March 2011

22. Covent Garden

Covent Garden is on the Piccadilly (Purple) Line.

It has been so long since I visited a tube station that I almost forgot the format!!
I was at a loose end this lunchtime and decided to wonder down to Covent Garden ... I had forgotten that there was only a lift or stairs so according to the rules I had to climb these ... I passed alot of people on the way up having a "break" - a group of very loud youngsters claiming they were going to "die" if they had to take another step - pish! (and I had already been for my run this morning!)

So onward and out onto the street. Covent Garden is in the heart of tourist land and is always bustling with "pavement artists",

I wonder how this man travels to work each day? I mean does he walk or use public transport?

Or has this one escaped from a nearby institute?

It's funny to see these "Magicans" all micced up to attract the crowds,

And I could have sworn that this musical instrument looked like sawn off rifle barrels.

Covent Garden used to be the old Fruit and Vegetable Market in central London - now the building houses trendy stalls and shops, with bustling cafes and pubs...

All in all a very pleasant afternoon!