Saturday, 8 January 2011

21. Marylebone

Marylebone station is on the Bakerloo (Brown) Line. It is an interchange station with National Rail Marylebone station.

Marylebone is very central - within walking distance of Madame Tussauds, Baker Street and Regents Park.

I had forgotten (until I reached the bottom of the escalator) that I had to "climb out of the station" so walked up the staircase - and carrying a suitcase that staircase seemed really long!

The National Rail terminus there is the only one in London that does not accommodate electric trains - and I was quite surprised when I got there by the overwhelming smell of diesel fumes.

I was going to the station to get the train out of London up to Chalfont & Latimer - where I was attending a company "event". So nothing at all to do with London (I'm afraid). Last night was very sociable and this morning we had to work in groups to re-produce this masterpiece, and if you're wondering who painted that green door in the middle - along with a lot of other green bits ...