Saturday, 20 November 2010

20. Nottinghill Gate

Today I bagged Notting Hill Tube Station. It is on both the District (green line) and Central Line (red line). It wasn't until I exited the station that I remembered that I had been to this part of London before - nice memories from last summer.

Anyway I didn't go there today for a walk down memory lane - I went to visit the "world famous" Portobello Market.

I was a little disappointed with the market, for a start every tourist in London must have been there - stopping to take photographs every couple of steps. I didn't find the "Blue Door" from the movie Notting Hill and I got fed-up with the crowds. Every year the Notting Hill Carnival is held down these streets - I couldn't begin to imagine how crowded that must be but I think after today I would definitely prefer to watch it on a screen then to be there!

I took a photograph of this building because I liked the stone carvings. I wasn't tempted to buy any of the goods for sale in the flea market but I really liked the look of this vegetable. Actually I have had it before but I guessed my house guest hadn't - so we had it for supper.


  1. What is it? It looks like a Martian cauliflower.It's worrying to think it was so crowded on a November day :(

  2. Its called a romanesco cauliflower - they are really nice but admit look a little space agey. WE sold alot of them in the shop, they have quite a creamy texture. try one if you get the chance (but don't come all the way to Notting Hill for it!)


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