Friday, 12 November 2010

19. Leicester Square

Leicester Square tube station is on the junction of the Northern Line (black line) and the Piccadilly Line (purple line).

Leicester Square is in the heart of the West End, near all the theatres and cinemas - but more importantly (for me today) one of the exits is on the doorstep of Londons China Town.

I was going to China Town for two reasons today - the first was to grab a bite to eat

the second was to buy some black beans - which are only available from the Chinese supermarkets.

I am very fond of China Town and eat here quite frequently - today I went to a restaurant I hadn't tried before; there were two doors, I wasn't quite sure which was the entrance so walked in through the open one. A stair case led up to the first floor, at the moment I realised that I wasn't in the restaurant a young lady came down the stairs - a pretty girl, very heavily made up, she smiled at me
"Oh, " I said "This isn't the restaurant is it?"
"Oh dear no," she answered apologetically and then added "This is a ..."
"Its OK" I thought, "I know what this is" ... China Town is in an area of London known as Soho - an area once famous for adult entertainment. I really ought to know better by now!


  1. It looks quieter than the real Wan Chai :)

  2. And no drunk sailors hanging aroound either!


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