Friday, 5 November 2010

16. Temple

Temple is on the District (green line) and Circle (yellow line). When you exit you are right on the Embankment so the River is right in front of you. It is called Temple because it serves the Inns of Court, the Inner Temple and Middle Temple.

Because its leading up to Remembrance Sunday there were two young uniformed servicemen standing with collection buckets in the entrance, selling poppies.

This area is really interesting - I visited it in the summer on a Hidden Pubs of Olde London Town tour. I will go back there (to another station) and photograph it all then.

My destination on this occasion was The Old Bank Of England pub for our company Annual Quiz Night! No details of this evening will be recorded here - suffice to say we were doing fine until the Monopoly round ... At least we weren't served meat pies, from the pie shop next door to Sweeney Todds (a fictional character whose barber shop was just along the road) although they do claim to serve good meat pies there! This building genuinely is the old Bank of England and after the Quiz we were shown the old vaults under the pub - but once you've seen one vault you've seen them all.


  1. Pub Tour? Quiz Night? That might explain why you lost!

  2. Pub Tour was in the summer - Quiz Night was last night:( I would have preferred to be going on a Pub Tour!

  3. Do they show everyone the vaults or was it specially arranged? We've got 2 quiz nights next week - you don't see a pub quiz for months and then two come along together!!

  4. I think it must have been specially arranged - all that is stored down there now is supplies for the pub!

    Good Luck at the your Pub Quiz nights. I always rather enjoy them.


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