Thursday, 7 October 2010

8. Golders Green

Golders Green is on the Northern Line (black line) the Edgeware Branch. When you step out of the station you are bang in the middle of a big coach station. Coaches arrive and leave for all parts of England, Scotland and Wales from here.

Most of the time I work in Golders Green so I took the tube back there after today's extended lunch. I normally take a bus into work now but for two years I came in and out of this station most days. There was never any chance of forgetting to get off, its the first station after you burst out of the tunnel.

Golders Green is a predominantly Jewish area in North London - alot of Orthodox Jews live here, the men wearing all black, heavily bearded, with long curling peyos - the women wigged or with neatly crocheted hair nets and long black skirts. The streets are full of shops selling Kosher products.

I have always enjoyed working in Golders Green - its quite unlike any other parts of London, there always seem to be a lot of children around, it's a very family orientated area. It's also quite interesting watching how badly people here drive - I'm just so glad I don't own a car anymore!


  1. I wonder what it is that makes people drive so badly? Enjoyed the visit :D

  2. The bad driver genie grabs you as you enter Golders Green?


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