Thursday, 7 October 2010

7. Kings Cross /St. Pancras

I found out so much about today's destination you could almost write a book on this station alone! The fact I sifted out as interesting is that Kings Cross used to be a notorious Red Light district but apparently it has cleaned up its act - whenever I have been on this station before I have noticed it still attracts a huge number of n'er-do-wells. The police have always been hanging around in vans outside - or maybe I just choose to travel through here on the football match days.
Kings Cross is one of the biggest interchange stations on the underground - the Northern Line (black line), Hammersmith & City (pink line), Metropolitan (maroon line), Circle (yellow line), Victoria (blue line) and the Piccadilly (purple line) all intersect here; two mainline stations terminus' are above the Underground here, Kings Cross mainline station - serving the East Coast and St. Pancreas - which is now the terminal for Eurostar.
This was the station the three suicide bombers entered before boarding trains in different directions on 7th July 2005.

I found out that lots of songs have been written about the station, that it features in a number of films and books - most famously at the moment the Harry Potter series (sorry I have never read any or seen the movies!) but I did pose for a photo shoot at the 9 3/4 platform.

I was meeting one of my closest friends there today for lunch - she was just coming down from Edinburgh for a business appointment - I met her at the foot of this monstrosity - aptly named the Meeting Place. I hated the actual statue but the frieze around the base of it was rather good, depicting the building of the underground and scenes through the ages.

We had lunch in The Betjeman Arms, on the terrace in the last sunny spot available. Sir John Betjeman is credited with having saved St. Pancreas station and a wonderful bronze statue and this gastro pub/restaurant honours his efforts. My friend had two hours before her appointment, which we spent chattering and eating (other girlfriends reading this will appreciate how easily this is done), then it was back to the grindstone for her in one direction and me in the other.....


  1. Glad you had a lovely time at Lunch - gosh there's more to King's Cross than I had imagined. I'm off to find out what songs have been written about it :)

  2. It was a relly intersting station - and the building is terrific

  3. These Tubelogues are quite interesting!
    In amongst Uncle Bill's stuff, when he died, I found a pack of cards depicting Underground art posters from the early part of last century. I will post them on my blog.

  4. Sue J that would be brilliant I'd love to see them. It was just a joke to start with but now I am getting into it properly its becoming a fun way to find out more about London.

  5. You really should read the Harry Potter books. They are a very good read. I haven't read the last one yet. I liked your pose at platform 9 3/4 :) I wonder how many kids have had their photo taken there?

  6. Sue J - considering it was a weekday lunchtime there were a steady flow of people waiting to get their pics taken; I have told (bored) quite a few people about it now and they didn't know it exsisted - they have since their kids along to be photographed there!


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