Saturday, 2 October 2010

5. Tottenham Court Road

Tottenham Court Road is where the Northern Line (black line) and Central Line (red line) intersect. You exit the tube station in the heart of theatre land and book shops. I went there today because I wanted to browse around some second hand bookshops along Charing Cross Road. I bought a number of books, including an almost brand new copy of Dylan Thomas' Under Milkwood - it's years since I read it and I was really pleased to find it.

After I made my purchases I wandered along to Chinatown, the Lanterns are all still up from the Moon Festival (Mid Autumn Festival) a couple of weeks ago. I walked along another couple of yards and found myself back outide Piccadilly Circus. It was drizzling and miserable but I saw this street entertainer keeping a small crowd amused.


  1. I have 'Under Milkwood' on my shelf, one of the few books I have kept over the years. What is the important fact about Tottenham Court Road Tube Station?

  2. The interesting thing is that you exit in the heart of the Westend....


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