Saturday, 30 October 2010

15. Borough

Borough is on the Northern Line (black line). There are no escalators at Borough so you have to exit by elevator or stairs - at the bottom of the stairs there is a warning sign telling you there are over one hundred steps and to only use them them in an emergency. I used them and reached the top before all the people that were piling into the lift at the same time that I started the climb.

I went to Borough today with the purpose of visiting Borough Market. On my way to the Market I passed Haig House, the headquarters of the British Legion - it was apt because this weekend the annual Poppy Day Appeal started. This Southwark First World War Memorial is just along the road.

Borough Market was fascinating and not just because I love markets; it was too crowded (of course) lots of people not buying just taking photographs of the food on display.

I bought a Polish rye and caraway loaf, some Portabella mushrooms and some raspberries. I would have liked to poke around much more but the crowds were uncomfortable so I wandered off, took a wrong turning (not very wrong) and stumbled across this wonderful building - the Old Hop Exchange.

The building was opened in 1867 and served as the centre for hop trading for the brewing industry - the hops were brought up from Kent by river or rail (London Bridge Station is just yards away). Its not clear (until you click on the photograph to enlarge it) that the wrought iron gates are all hops, and the carvings at the top of the stone columns are also hops.


  1. I hadn't heard of Borough before - it looks very interesting especially the market.

  2. Don't the mushrooms look fantastic? They had brilliant tomato displays too - all shapes, sizes, even purple ones!


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