Sunday, 24 October 2010

14. Highgate

Highgate underground station is on the High Barnet branch of the Northern Line (black line). According to "Wiki" Highgate is unique because the platforms are long enough to accommodate nine-carriage trains!

Today was a clear, crisp perfect autumn day - a perfect day for walking miles and the perfect season for something quite spooky ... today I visited Highgate Cemetery. It is quite a long and mostly uphill trek from the tube station up to Highgate Village (a trendy collection of coffee shops, tearooms, book shops and wine sellers) My son came with me with his collection of cameras to play around with.

We stopped at St. Josephs Catholic Church first, then went through a park to the Cemetery. We took lots of spooky photos in the older part of the grounds,

We saw these two cats bagging a few rays,

Lots of famous people are buried in this Cemetery - some tucked away in really off-the beaten track spots,

And then we found our real reason for visiting here:

We didn't visit the catacombs on the opposite side of the road, where the controversial stories of the Highgate Vampire originated in the 1970s. They don't let people wander around on their own anymore over there and we just didn't want to join a tour party - we had a late lunch in a friendly little Thai cafe just opposite St. Josephs and then headed home ... just in time, it started pouring with rain just as I sat down to type this!


  1. Ah as I was looking at the photos I wondered if you had seen Karl Marx's grave. Actually I hadn't expected it to be so elaborate. Very interesting

  2. It actually took us almost an hour to find Marx' grave! But we got sidetracked down in the older, more run down, spooky part of the grave yard!

  3. If you like cemetaries (I do), next time you're in Paris, go to Pere Lachaise.

  4. "The next time I'm in Paris...."


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