Saturday, 23 October 2010

12. Paddington

Paddington tube station is on the Bakerloo Line (brown line), Circle Line (yellow line), District Line (green line) and Hammersmith & City Line (pink line). It is also linked directly with Paddington Station which is the terminus for trains travelling to and from the West Country.

Most people in this country have heard of Paddington because of a series of childrens books written by Micheal Bond about a small bear who was found by the Brown family on Paddington station - I remember my mother reading the books to us when I was a child. A small bronze statue of Paddington Bear is in the shopping centre up on the mainline station.

I had gone to Paddington today to visit a street called Praed Street. It sounds a silly reason to go there but this week I was reminded of a family I knew in Headley the Mackworth-Praeds. The father, Humphrey, died not long before we moved to the village but old Mrs M-P was still alive and well, a nicer, more down to earth person you couldn't hope to meet. I just wanted to take a photo of the street name to remember her by.


  1. I love Paddington Bear (although I'm ashamed to say I was 16 before I discovered him!) I have a Paddington Bear & Aunt Lucy. Did you know that the first Paddington Bear toy was made by Jeremy Clarkson's Mum?

  2. Did Clarkson tell you that? I saw lots of Bears for sale and was almost tempted to buy one but luckily my mean streak saved me.


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