Saturday, 23 October 2010

11. Baker Street

Baker Street is one of the oldest surviving underground stations - it intersects the Bakerloo Line (brown line), the Metropolitan Line (maroon line), the Jubilee Line (silver line), the Circle (yellow line) and the Hammersmith and City (pink line). It was opened in 1863!

The station was redecorated in the 1980s and I was quite taken with the tiles. Each little dot is a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes

I was travelling to Baker Street today to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum - it is very near to Madame Tussuad's as well.

Just as I got to there someone collapsed outside the museum - nothing to do with my arrival, but it caused quite a commotion, not enough of one for the Policeman in costume outside to abandon his post and let us all in free.

The museum was quite interesting, an elderly man dressed up as Sherlock Holmes encouraged to take lots of photographs, but I thought the bell ringing (to ask us all to leave) after about 20 minutes was a little intrusive, especially as it had cost £6 to get in! (I ignored it)


  1. I must have come through Baker Street tube station when visiting Madame Tussauds but I didn't know that each dot was a SH silhouette - I am enjoying your tour :)

  2. I would have like to have poked around the museum for longer but there were too many peple there - maybe another day.


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