Saturday, 16 October 2010

10. Wembley Park

Today I went to Wembley Park tube station it is on both the Metropolitan (maroon) and Jubilee (silver) Lines. As the name suggests this is the tube station that services Wembley Stadium - the National Football Stadium.

As you leave the tube station and walk along the path to the stadium there is a a tiled mural along the subway depicting all the sports now played in the stadium. Here is a hint of why I was walking that hallowed route this afternoon.

Yes today I was going watch a rugby match - not just any old match but a Heinken Cup pool match between a north London club and the Dublin (Eire) Team. I love watching rugby and every now and then I indulge myself by going to watch a live match, and although I have been to Twickenham a few times this was the first time I had ever been to Wembley!

I was supporting Leinster! Most of the group I had gone with were Sarrie supporters. They cheered and whooped every time their team got the ball, the stood up and danced to the infuriating tune that blasts out every time Sarries score a point

Anyway when Leinster scored a brilliant try in the second half I leaped into the air and whooped and cheered...and at the end of the match the score was Saracens 23 Leinster 25....YES! YES! YES! Way to go Leinster!

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