Saturday, 11 September 2010

Tube Bagging

A friend of mine wrote to tell me that he had climbed one of the mountains in Scotland - the main purpose of the climb was to celebrate one man in the groups achievement of climbing every mountain in Scotland - he has now "Bagged the Munros". I have left it too late in life (and Scotland is too far away) to start climbing the Munros (there are 283 of them!) it made me think about what I could do in the city - and I decided I wanted to "Bag the Tube". So one lunch hour a friend and I sat and thought about the rules....

1. You must exit every Tube Station in London by walking up the escalator (or stairs if there is no escalator)
2. You must have photographic evidence of yourself at each Tube station to prove that you were there - or failing that a photograph of the station that you have taken.
3. You have to exit the Tube Station with a purpose, i.e not just to say I exited that Tube Station. You have to be doing something nearby - have a meal, visit a monument, catch a train etc
4. You must try and find out an interesting fact about the Tube Station you are exiting.
5. You must keep a log of your Tube Bagging.


  1. Good luck, matey! I'm sure you can find something interesting about EVERY tube station in London! Looking forward to seeing you on the photos (assuming someone doesn't steal your cameras!)

  2. I failed in getting a photo of me in front of Victoria Station for that reason - lots of very dodgy looking, I couldn't trust any of them not to run off with my camera.


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