Saturday, 25 September 2010

4.West Finchley

On my way home from lunch I decided to get off at West Finchley - its on the Northern Line (black line) High Barnet Branch. West Finchley is a lot closer to home than Finchley Central but there are no buses so I had to walk all the way home (almost 7 minutes!) I run past West Finchley when I do my long Sunday morning runs. Because it is on the overground stretch of the Northeren Line you exit at street level so I climbed up to the bridge which crosses the line (just so that I could say I had climbed out!)

The most interesting fact that I could find out about West Finchley is that it was opened on the 1st March 1933 - interesting because my birthday is the 1st March (but not 1933)


  1. Cheeky! I challenge you to find a more interesting fact about it....

  2. I don't know if this counts as an interesting fact but an anagram of West Finchley is "Why nicest Elf?" or "Hens fly twice"

  3. Thanks for those two lovely anagrams Jackie - think I like the second one best.


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