Saturday, 25 September 2010

3. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is on the Piccadilly Line (purple line). The Piccadilly line is quite deep so there are two sets of esculators and my ankle is currently strapped up but I still climbed all the way out! I love the name Piccadilly Circus, it basically means open circle were Regent Street meets Piccadilly. It is one of Londons famous landmarks right in the middle of the West End, and there were a number of tourists there today enjoying a fine late September day.

I went there because I was meeting some people for lunch at a trendy restaurant "Hix". So trendy that when I got there I couldn't figure out how to get in and had to go into the pub next door to ask for instructions! I also managed to get locked into the loo and had to be rescued by the staff (luckily there were other women in there at the time otherwise I might have been there for a long time.)


  1. Sounds like an eventful meal :) What was so tricky about getting in? Doesn't sound very customer friendly. Anagram of Piccadilly Circus = Cyclic Cupid Rails

  2. The door was just a big wooden thing with no handle - so it didn't look as if it was a door if you know what I mean, felt really silly when the barman said "You just push it"


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