Sunday, 12 September 2010

1. Victoria Station

Victoria is on the blue line - the Victoria Line. It is linked directly with the Victoria Mainline station.
The blurb says Victoria station is a major interchange for rail, Underground and bus transport as well as a central commuter and tourist destination.

In 2006, the same number of passengers that used London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports combined - 91 million passengers - entered, exited or interchanged at Victoria Underground station.

This demand continues to climb, resulting in severe congestion necessitating daily closures of the station and gatelines.

I must be at least 200 of the 91 million passengers! I used to commute through Victoria at least once a week - the last time I had been there was last weekend, on my way to Gatwick - and I have often been one of those faceless commuters herded into corals waiting to shuffle onto the overcrowded platforms and then squeeze myself sardine-like onto one of the trains. Oh the joys of commuting into London in the rush-hours.

On this occasion though I was in no great hurry, when I exited the station I realised that I couldn't remember ever having left the station complex onto the street. I had no idea how central it is, nor how splendid the station facade is.

The purpose for going to Victoria today was I was en route to Victoria Coach Station to catch the bus to Oxford. As I walked along Buckingham Palace Road, I heard the roar of a motor bike revving up and zoom past doing a "wheelie", for at least 200 metres! I looked a round to see if it was a movie stunt but no cameras were visible, and typically in London only one other person in the street seemed to have noticed! The tourists were all too busy looking at the buildings, the locals too interested in getting from a to b.


  1. One down! Are you aiming to do a certain amount a week, or just going to do them as they come?

  2. I was giving that some thought - if I only bag one a week it will take me nearly 6 years to complete!! I can't be doing with that so I thought I would try and do at least 2 or 3, some weeks more. I just have to think of reasons why I want to go to Upminster, Walmsthow or Hillingdon!


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